inQ eSurveys

inQ eSurveys

inQ eSurveys gives you anytime access to all of our available surveys. Access any of our 11 Power Surveys through the inQ mobile app or on a desktop for an annual subscription fee. You will pay per-survey processing costs only for the surveys that your respondents complete.

$200.00 each annual subscription fee


You will be able to download the inQ Experience e-Surveys app after you submit your order through the shopping cart. Note that you need not purchase individual surveys in the Survey Store if you are subscribing to e-Surveys; you will have access to all of the surveys through the app. The app includes simple instructions for selecting the survey to administer and administering the surveys. Your survey responses are uploaded automatically through the app, and your report(s) are delivered at the end of the survey period or on demand. You will be billed for each survey processed.

Billing Period
1 Year cycle.
Repeats until suspended or canceled.